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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have some information about Ninova Bilişim?

Innovative Technology, Smart Solutions: Ninova Smartlife

Ninova is a leading technology company that pushes the boundaries of technology to simplify life by developing innovative products. Our mission is to transform innovative ideas into superior quality products and provide our customers with a unique experience.

Smart Home Display Production: We redefine the technology experience in your homes. Our smart home displays elevate home automation to the next level with user-friendly interfaces and high-resolution screens. With voice commands, touch controls, and integrated smart assistants, you can easily manage all devices in your home.

Android Display Production: Our Android-based displays offer flexibility and high performance combined. We provide solutions tailored to every need with customizable interfaces and a wide application ecosystem. These displays, ideal for commercial and personal use, make your daily tasks more efficient.

Industrial Android Tablets: Our Android tablets specially designed for industrial environments combine durability and high performance. With their rugged construction resistant to dust, water, and shocks, they deliver reliable performance even in challenging conditions. They are ideal for optimizing workflow in every area from production to logistics.

Seatback Entertainment Systems: Long journeys are now much more enjoyable! Our seatback entertainment systems, designed specifically for passengers, offer a unique travel experience with high-resolution screens and rich content options. Turn your journeys into a pleasant experience with movies, games, and internet access.

At Ninova, we are constantly pursuing innovation to design and develop technology to make life easier for people. For more information about our products and to experience the comfort of technology, you can reach us at www.ninova.com.

What are Ninova SmartLife Solutions?

Ninova Smartlife is a company that equips living spaces with smart systems, regardless of whether they are old or new, and gives your buildings the adjective "smart." It specializes in smartening up lighting, climate control, security, electrical, and comfort systems. With Ninova Smartlife, you can remotely control devices in your home, prepare automation processes with specific scenarios, and automate your daily routine tasks.

Why should we choose Ninova SmartLife, what are its differences and advantages from others?

The primary reason for choosing Ninova Smartlife is its rich product range and wireless structure. With its diverse range of products that allow for many different customizations, it provides a rich infrastructure. Additionally, by offering this infrastructure wirelessly, it saves you from unnecessary renovation processes.

How can we remotely access Ninova SmartLife?

You can access your Ninova Smartlife system via the internet or local network using our Ninova Smartlife APP application from your Android or IOS devices.

Where can we use Ninova SmartLife?
  • Climate control,
  • Heating and cooling; pre-heating and cooling for workplaces or homes upon arrival,
  • Security and door access control,
  • Energy efficiency control and savings,
  • Gas leak control,
  • Water flood control,
  • Ninova SmartLife products can be used in all places such as "homes, offices, factories, schools, etc." where you aim to make your living space more comfortable and under control at a reasonable cost.
What are the security solutions of Ninova SmartLife?

We can examine our security solutions under two different categories: outdoor and indoor. For outdoor security, we provide security with our NVR (Network Video Recorder) camera recording devices, sirens, and smart door locks, while for indoor security, we ensure security with door and window sensors, motion sensors, water flood sensors, gas and smoke sensors. Additionally, we can cut off direct water, electricity, and gas lines coming into your living space.

What are the differences and advantages of Ninova SmartLife compared to other security products?

The main difference of Ninova SmartLife from other security equipment is its scenario support. With automation created with many different variables, you can create dozens of different security scenarios based on time, condition, or request. Since they will be automatically realized, you won't need to constantly check them after creating the scenarios.

What are the comfort solutions of Ninova SmartLife?

When we talk about comfort, the first thing that comes to mind is time. All of our applications that save time fall into the comfort class. From opening and closing your curtains at home to controlling your remote-controlled devices, our application allows you to manage everything that seems simple but takes up your time through a single application.

What are the savings solutions of Ninova SmartLife?

In these days when energy pricing increases costs, there are two fundamental parameters to be considered for savings. These are electricity and natural gas usage. With Ninova SmartLife products, you can manage your electricity and gas control and use them only when needed with smart scenarios. This way, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

How does Ninova SmartLife provide energy savings?

Our most important products in the field of energy saving are our lighting and electrical solutions. You can keep your lighting under control either through the application or with scenario support. In addition, you can ensure regular control of the sockets where your electrical appliances are connected and optimize their usage with scenarios. Moreover, by saving energy, you can contribute to protecting our planet.

Does Ninova SmartLife include an "Indoor Management Panel" among its products?

The 10" Round Indoor Management Panel included in Ninova SmartLife products can be used by the elderly, children, caregivers, maids, and staff. You can easily perform various tasks that can be done with the application through this panel. This panel is designed as a tool to organize and monitor household chores.

Does the system continue to operate when the internet is cut off?

In case of internet interruption, external intervention to the system is not possible. However, it continues to operate as an internal network thanks to its closed structure. There is no disruption in the realization of scenarios.

"What is Ninova SmartLife Intercom, how does it work?"

Intercom devices are smart devices used to monitor the visitors at the door, communicate with them, and sometimes remotely unlock the door. These devices also play an important role in motion detection, recording, and home security. Users can identify and communicate with the visitors at the door through the application, providing security and convenience.

Can smart home systems be installed in a ready-made house without renovation?

Smart home systems can be installed without renovation in your home.

What products do you need to buy first to become a smart homeowner?

The first requirement for owning a smart home is to have internet connection in your house. In houses with internet connection, different products can be selected according to usage purposes. However, due to the Zigbee infrastructure, Gateway can be used as the most priority product. Based on this, the most priority groups to be used in a basic home are lighting, electrical, and climate control group products.

The lifespan of pill sensors is how long?

"On average, they have a battery life of around 12 months. However, these are valid under ideal conditions. Battery life may vary with frequent or infrequent usage."

Are all your products wireless?

95% of our products are wireless, but there are some products that we need to use wired.

Will I need to do any breaking or drilling when installing these products in my home?

With the exception of a few products depending on the product groups to be used, our products do not require any construction work.

Does the Wi-Fi need to be continuously on to control remotely?

For communication with our products, your internet network needs to be constantly active.

Can I add different products to the smart home established with the Ninova SmartLife structure in the future?

Yes, the Ninova SmartLife structure established with the smart home system usually has a modular and expandable design to allow you to add Tuya-compatible products. However, it's important to ensure that new products are Tuya-compatible when adding them. Checking Tuya compatibility lists provided by the manufacturer or provider is crucial for a seamless expansion process.

Can we control the temperature of each room separately?

Response 1: If the room has underfloor heating, we can control each room separately with one temperature and humidity sensor and one switch module.

Response 2: If it has radiators, we can control each room separately with one temperature and humidity sensor and an electronic valve for each radiator.

Can a mechanical curtain switch be controlled with a switch module?

Yes, it can be controlled. By configuring a 2-way switch module, we can use the mechanical curtain switch.

"I want to add my smart switch module devices to the Gateway, but the Gateway doesn't seem to recognize my smart switch module. What should I do?"

Our smart switch modules have a repeater feature. When adding devices with a repeater feature to the Gateway, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. First, start adding the smart switch module devices that are close to the Gateway device.
  2. Then, add the devices that are located further away.
  3. During setup, start with the devices closer to the Gateway and progress towards the devices located at a distance.
Will the devices continue to work when the internet is disconnected?

Since we can't access the scenarios when the internet is down, we can't open or close scenarios. Zigbee devices installed will appear offline in the application when the internet is disconnected, but the last active scenarios will continue to operate.

How many devices can be defined to the Gateway?

For wired gateways, all sub-devices, weak current devices (battery-powered), can be added up to 32; if there are strong current devices (directly connected, such as switches) among the sub-devices, ideally, a maximum of 128 devices can be added.

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