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Since 1998, engaged in importing MERPA Information Technology Co. industrial pc, Touch Screen product and Electronic devices. Now for the, Ninova Tablet PC entertainment system in bus is designed and presented with a high quality service.

Up to date with the experiences accumulatedexperience and meet the growing demands and in this way the customer with superior features to give more Ninova Tablet PC produced.

Powerful insfrastructure, reilable and improved software and experienced team in the industry would you like to become a solution partner to our customers unbeatable our success.

Our clients are involved in vehicle-fleet management system Cloud. We change so that customers want their vehicles and remote vehicle control, vehicle tracking services, such as the city.

These, for just a few more can contact our service area, or you can visit our company. We want to brand the commercial sector with our different line, professionalism and sensibility of customer satisfactions which is on the first line for us. We want to produce true, effective and right on time solutions through what our customers desires. Also we want to be a professional solutions partner, more effective work contacts on our customers and make it constant.